Lead Generation Made Easy
Module 1: Mindset Mastery
  • 1. Develop the mindset you need to create a lead generation attraction machine. 
  • 2. Elevate your Worth Barometer (the #1 indicator of success).
  • 3. The STEAR Model (so you will execute).
  • 4. How to focus on command.          
Module 2: Define Your Ideal Client 
  • 1. Requirements of a niche market.
  • 2. The 5 Step Niche Marketing Process.
  • 3. Identify your ideal client.
  • 4. Insight to dominate your niche marketing.     
Module 3: Research & Validate
  • 1. Preparing your research questionnaires.                                                        
  • 2. The inside scoop on research categories.                                                    
  • 3. Identification of needs, opportunities, and  solutions.
  • 4. Preparation & the interview process.
  • 5. Analysis of data and updates.
  • Plus the interviewee, client, and referral partner questionnaires.
      Module 4: Attract Your Ideal Client 
      • 1. The top lead generation strategies.
      • 2. The simple process to create consistent value for your clients. 
      • 3. Balancing authority with connection to  create the ultimate lead       
            generating machine.
      • 4. Generating leads with social media (&  LinkedIn).
      • 5. The top niche marketing options.
      Module 5: Execute Your Lead Generation Strategy
      • 1. How to get it all done. 
      • 2. How to execute on your lead  generation strategy so you can get  your
            desired results: PPS (Peak Performance Schedule), BPHs (Business
            Power Hours), PPHs (Personal Power Hours), and PBs (Power Breaks).
      • 3. The numbers of lead generation.

      Your Strategic Business Assessment

      The Strategic Business Assessment provides you an in-depth analysis of your plan and formula. It allows you to dive deep in your foundation, strategy, and execution, to determine your gaps and opportunities so you know what you need to do to achieve your desired results. 

      You also get access to our in-depth training series to guide you in creating:

      Your Solid Foundation (inner game, vision, & Worth Barometer).
      Your Winning Strategy (game plan, ideal client, research, and lead generation strategies to attract them).
      Your Execution Plan (outer game including the action you take each day to achieve your goal).

      Building Your Lead Generation Machine

      You will learn how to:
      How to create a lead generation machine.
      The best lead generation strategies
      How to attract your ideal, affluent client.
      The process to automate your lead generation.

      Creating Your Target 100 Strategy:
      The How to (Plus) Your Target 100 template

      You will learn how to:
      Identify your T100 (Target 100).
      Create a strategy that speeds up the process.
      Get the results you desire.
      You will also get access to the T-100 (Target 100) form so you can start using it immediately.

      Fast Action Bonus

      The 5 Must Know Scripts

      The five most important scripts you need to win in your business.

      This VIP resource was created with over 30 years in-the-trenches experience working with ideal, affluent clients.

      It shows you what to say and how to say it so you can attract, close, and retain more ideal, affluent clients. 
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