The Millionaire Insider™ Business Fast Track provides the step-by-step process
to create a winning formula (foundation and mindset, strategy, and execution)
so you can attract, cultivate, close, and retain more ideal, profitable clients.

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What the Business Fast Track
gives you:
Strategic Business Assessment
The Strategic Business Assessment provides you an in-depth analysis of your plan and formula. You dive deep into your foundation, strategy, and execution to determine your gaps and opportunities so you know what you need to do to achieve your desired results. 

Our in-depth training guides you in creating:
Your Solid Foundation (inner game, vision, & Worth Barometer).
Your Winning Strategy (game plan, ideal client, research, and lead generation strategies to attract them).
Your Execution Plan (outer game including the action you take each day to achieve your goal).
The Formula 

In the Formula training,
you will learn:

  • The step-by-step process to create your winning Formula
  • The process to apply the Formula to any aspect of your business or life
  • The process to identify and remove beliefs that are keeping you from your goals.
  • ​How to get it all done (what the extraordinarily successful people do differently than less successful people).
  • ​The secret tool top producers and millionaires use to get results.
  • ​You will also gain access to The Formula Assessment.
The 3 Step Plan
The core elements to create your 3 Step Business Plan including:  
  • Creating a Solid Foundation (mindset, Worth Barometer, goals, and focus)
  • Developing a Winning Strategy (ideal client, research & validation, and lead generation strategies to attract them)
  • Executing Your Plan (consistent completion of high value and income producing activities so you can achieve your goal)
Scripting & Selling Mastermind
What to say, when to say it,
and how to say it.
  • How to Respond When Asked, "What Do You Do?" (so, you can bypass objections and excuses).
  • How to Handle Objections (before they come up).
  • How to Approach A Friend (without making it uncomfortable)​.
Branding, Positioning,
& Marketing
including marketing to
affluent women and couples
  • Beyond Branding & Positioning
    (How to Create a Boatload of Raving Fans).
  • Creating Your Funnel (from prospect to ideal client).
  • The Power of Positioning (without a million-dollar budget).
Foundation, Mindset, & Performance
(so, you can master your mindset, focus, Worth Barometer and results)!
  • Deep Dive into Your Worth Barometer
    (how to master your Worth Barometer so you can attract your ideal client).
  • The Worth Barometer Guide (so, you can elevate your Worth Barometer and life).
  • ​The Power of Goal Setting (how to set goals so you achieve them).
  • ​The Goal Setting Guide (the step-by-step to set your goals and high value activities).
  • ​Vision Your Way to Success (how to visualize your future so you can create your reality).
  • ​Releasing Mental Blocks and Core Beliefs (how to remove obstacles and discover the answer to your biggest challenges).
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